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Terms and conditions of this service

§ 1 Principles

  1. ist ein Angebot von und beinhaltet kostenlose Weiterleitungen und Visitenkarten sowie kostenpflichtige Webpakete. ist eine Dienstleistung der Firma KV GmbH - im Folgenden "" genannt.
  2. By registering to attend the service, the user accepts the terms and conditions as the sole basis of all services provided by .
  3. The user assures that he stated his personal data truthfully and he will immediately update changes in his user account. is entitled by sampling to verify the accuracy of the information.
  4. The use of so-called disposable email addresses is not permitted and will result in immediate ban.
  5. If the user terms and conditions in whole or in part deviate from them, they will not contract, even if these terms and conditions have not been expressly contradicted by
  6. The application of accounts for third parties is not permitted.
  7. reserves the right to deny the use of the provided service if the given information should be incorrect. It also reserves the right to delete the stored data of the user in this case.

§ 2 Availability and reservations makes every effort to ensure the constant availability of the sub-domain service . However, a claim for 100 % availability is not . All services in connection with this free service redirects and visiting cards are provided on a voluntary basis . Paid Web packages are provided on one, the term corresponding amount .

The user acquires no ownership or other rights of use to individual services , which are provided by available , the registered subdomains of him and the whole service .

If you breach the Terms of Use is subject entitled for damages and other claims , exclude the user the service without notice .

Is reserved to adjust or modify free services any time without notice and without giving reasons .

In that case the user of be timely , at least 7 days in advance informed of .

For violations of these Terms reserves the right to terminate all user data and user accounts without giving any reason or delete . The corresponding information about the impending use and deletion of the user is concerned displayed simultaneously .

§ 3 Termination

  • Forwarding / Business card
    1. Both sides can terminate at any time without stating any reasons. Basically no prior notice exists for that service.
    2. The user cancels by an informal e-mail message to with the subject Delete Account, whose receipt will be informally confirmed by
    3. may also terminate the account and delete the extent that the deletion of the account the user via e-mail will be announced at the same time for account suspension; will alert the user that can be erased at the end of 14 days of the blocked account. The user will be re-notified after the permanent deletion.
  • Webpaket
    1. A notice must be within the time prescribed month to the end of the contract term .
    2. If no notice by any of the parties , the term is extended tacitly by another year .
    3. Upon termination / cancellation downgrade to forwarding / business card is not possible .

§ 4 Rights and Duties of the user

A free transfer of the sub domains on a third party - in any form - is allowed as long as the new users accepts these terms and conditions, in particular § 2 of the terms (no property right) . The user receives a non-exclusive right from to use the service and parts. The use permit expires with cancellation of the conctractual agreement.

The user is responsible for the content that will be used on its usage data to the service of , and is responsible far free from all third party claims. The User warrants not to transmit any material that violates the rights of others or violates statutory provisions .

In particular the following points in connection with the use of are prohibited for the user :

  1. Hosting the pages with the following contents, such as:
    • Piracy (warez , videos , MP3s , DVDs , software, etc.)
    • Phishing, scam , malware , viruses
    • Copyright offense
    • Dubious business models ( eg, pyramid schemes, chain letters , etc. )
    • Content that is unlawful, obscene, threatening, abusive, libelous, or scandalous
    • Content which led to committing criminal acts or acts that undermine the civil order, or otherwise contrary to local, national or international laws
    • Pornography or content intended for adults only
    • Unsecured Web 2.0 platforms ( eg. no captcha protection in forums , blogs , guest books )
    • File-/Imagehoster
    • Sites with other illegal content
  2. Pages to perform server load is too high , such as :
    • proxies
    • link farms
    • Torrent Tracker
    • Domain Parking (for example with WPRobot )
    • Multimedia Streaming

A violation of these rules will result in immediate blocking and deletion (see § 3 para. 3).

The user is obliged to publish an imprint on his website which contains at least the full name, mailing address and an e-mail adress. provides the Web package paid storage for Web pages but is not a file hosting services . It is therefore prohibited , the space primarily to use it to share your files ( eg videos , MP3s or software ) available for download .

§ 5 Limitation of Liability

  1. responsible for its services and its support in principle not responsible . The use of services made ​​available by at your own risk . This refers in particular to the functionality, availability and freedom from viruses of the provided services as well as to damages arising from the use of programs, program components and Skipts / applets . The user is obliged to create all of its data in local copies for backup purposes and to ensure all filings with data and databases regularly . indicates that is created by the data users have no backups, and The user is solely responsible for securing its data . The user is liable for any use of the service that is performed by its user ID , their legal representatives for minors . The user therefore has to ensure that its access can not be misused by third parties . provides the service without any express or implied warranties. is not liable for inadvertent disclosure, damage or loss of the systems of transmitted, received or stored data from The user expressly acknowledges that these terms also effect third party supplies.
  2. For the purposes usage as described above solely assume the liability for the injury to life, limb and health, and other damages caused by gross neglect of duty or on from any intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of .
  3. A liability of for slight negligence exists only for breach of an essential contractual obligation
  4. A liability of for further damages, in particular consequential damages, indirect damages or lost profits is excluded.
  5. A liability for malfunctions or failure as well as unauthorized access from outside the sphere of influence of is only in the context of intent and gross negligence.

§ 6 Data Protection

  1. In relation to the offered services the user always has to provide the correct, complete and current information and - if necessary and as far as possible - to keep them up to date, correct and complete.
  2. This applies particularly to the disclosure of personal information.
    1. is entitled to collect, process and utilize personal user data, in providing for the establishment, content or design changes to the sub-domain service, and thus the related services are needed (stock data).
    2. is entitled to collect personal data on the use of tele-services, process and utilize, to the extent necessary to enable the user to use of services usage data.
    3. The User hereby expressly consents to to the use by its inventory data for the purposes of consulting, advertising, market research or for the customized design and development of its services (self-use by The user can revoke this consent to with informal e-mail. is required to confirm the withdrawal.
    4. The user also consent explicitly to that obtained inventory data and usage data of the individual user to third parties for the storage, use and / or processing - even against payment - provides, with limited such disclosure is to organizations and companies that the - meet on the basis of usage data identifiable interests and wishes of the alleged user. A transfer of personal data to third parties or another service provider is the user's, § 4 V TDDSG. The user expressly consents to that these organizations and businesses may send information, offers, samples and advertising (via mail, e-mail and phone) to the user. The user can revoke this consent to with an informal e-mail. is obliged to confirm the cancellation.
    5. with registration of an account the user grants permission responsabilityto the collection of his inventory data and usage data (§ 6, Paragraph 2 a) and b)), see § 3 I, II TDDSG.
    6. ensures that the logs in e) described electronic consent will be minuted and the contents of the consent could be accessed at any time by the user, § 4 II TDDSG.
    7. explicitly points out that the user is entitled to a once-over consent to the data collection, data processing and data sharing revoked in the future, § 4 III TDDSG.
    8. In case that the user withdraws his consent for, is entitled to terminate the user's account according to § 3 No. 3.
    9. provides for security reason a so called whois directory of all hosted subdomains. The user agrees that his registration-related personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) are stored and available to everyone on the whois page of
    10. Under the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act, as a user of the online offer you have the rights to demand information about what data is stored about you and how that information is stored at any time. In addition, you can request a correction of wrong data or a deletion of inappropriate or unnecessary data. A corresponding information on saved data can be obtained by written request.

§ 7 Advertising

The user expressly agrees that appears of advertising on its forwarding or business card or switched by . The user agrees that the contents of its routing and business card on a global search on the website can be made searchable . The use of techniques by the user , which suppress the insertion of advertising in the call redirects and business cards or deliberately disturb , is not permitted . In chargeable Webpaket No advertising material is included .

§ 8 Name of the subdomain

Each user can select the names of subdomains within the technical limits during the registration. It is sole responsibility of the user to consider before registering a subdomain whether the name is contrary to statutory provisions, third party rights (including trade marks or registered rights), or morality. If this is the case, the registration of the subdomain is to be omitted. The same applies to subdomains, whose name is misleading, or suspect websites which are excluded of the participation in the service because of their content according to § 4.

§ 9 Absolute ban of spam

References to domains registered at in unsolicited commercial e-mail or similar media (spam ) are not allowed. The mass registering of domains for the purpose of irritation to the users of search engines are a match for spam and is also inadmissible.

§ 10 Manipulation

It is prohibited to auto retrieve masses of, in order e.g. to manipulating the visitors counter.

§ 11 Responsibility

The owner is not responsible for the names of subdomains for the content of external websites that are registered as link destinations of subdomains, or otherwise linked to this service.

§ 12 Place of jurisdiction

Contracts according to these terms and conditions are exclusively subject to the application of the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Application of conflict of laws of private international law is expressly excluded.

Der Gerichtsstand von der KV GmbH ist Osnabrück.

Für Streitigkeiten mit Nutzern, die Unternehmer iSd. § 14 BGB sind, wird Osnabrück als Gerichtsstand vereinbart. Für Nutzer, die keinen allgemeinen Gerichtsstand und keinen Wohnsitz in der Bundesrepublik zum Zeitpunkt der Klageerhebung haben, ist ebenfalls der Geschäftssitz von der KV GmbH Gerichtsstand.

For users, who are consumers within the meaning. § 13 BGB, the general jurisdiction of the domicile will remain in .

§ 13 Change of Terms reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Service. The user will be informed immediately by of the changes.

§ 14 Severability clause

If single clauses of these terms and conditions are fully or partially invalid or void, respectively will be, so otherwise the validity of these terms and conditions remains untouched.

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